04-05-2019 - Facebook connection on Plinga games

The bug is fixed, you can use Facebook to connect to your favorite Plinga games again (such as Klondike, Family Barn, Dreamfields, ...).

11-02-2018 - Kings Klondike game

The game Kings Klondike is fixed.

03-28-2018 - Ninja Turtles games

Discover our very cool Ninja Turtles games in the category we just added. Enjoy!

03-28-2018 - Kid Danger games

We added a new games category called Kid Danger with new and exclusives Kid Danger games. It will be completed as new games are published.

03-01-2018 - New categories

QGames team is proud to present you new categories of games such as Spider-Man, Miraculous Ladybug, Teen Titans, Regular Show and many others. We hope you'll love them as much as we do!

02-02-2016 - Walkthroughs

Following the request of many players, we added the walkthroughs for many games. We will regularly add new ones.

10-09-2015 - Blips game

The scores of Blips were reset. Indeed, the game saved the total earned money and not the highscore as expected. Now, the game saves the highscore, so the score is no longer infinite.

10-08-2015 - Bround game

The game (Bround) did not start, the issue has been corrected. Enjoy!

07-20-2015 - Scoring system

The system has been updated to work with newer versions of Flash and to have some improvements.

06-11-2015 - Login & auto-connection to the account

The auto-login connection does not work properly since some weeks. You could check the box, but the automatic connection was not functional... This is now fixed!

06-11-2015 - Switch between desktop & mobile website

A button has been added to the website in order to switch between desktop and mobile website and vice versa. So you can use some features that exist only on one of them.

04-20-2015 - Mobile website: subscription & authentication

A problem has occurred that prevented the registration and the login on the mobile website. We have worked on this mistake.

04-19-2015 - Google Chrome & Unity 3D

Google Chrome has stopped supporting the Unity 3D games. The Unity player will no longer start with Chrome and we have implemented a message to indicate the problem to the players. You can always use an other browser to play these games like Internet E

03-31-2015 - Mobile & tablet games: walkthrough

We have added walkthrough for mobile and tablet games in order to help you. If you're blocked and want a solution, watch the video! Have fun!

03-08-2015 - Unity 3D & Mac OS X

A correction was made in order to allow Unity 3D games to start on Mac OS X. Enjoy!

01-08-2015 - Menu on mobile website

The menu on the mobile website has been reviewed and enhanced to give you a better experience. Enjoy a more fluid and dynamic menu.

10-28-2014 - Scoring system

The scoring system has been updated to improve performance and allow to save the scores more efficiently.

08-17-2014 - Mobile website

Discover today our mobile website for your smartphone and tablet by connecting you on www.qgames.org ! You can play games directly online for free without any installation. Try now our free online games!

06-26-2014 - Subcategories

We have worked hard on the subcategorization of all games on the website. Now you can more easily find your favorite games. Have fun!

04-10-2014 - Download games - Trailers

We have added trailers on some download games. So you can have a better idea of the game before download it.

04-01-2014 - MochiMedia games

Some games on the website cannot load themselves correctly since today. If you encounter any problem with a game, please leave a comment in order to report it.

02-13-2014 - Highscore games

A modification was made on the highscore system. This allows the system to start games correctly with Flash Player 12. Furthermore, a check on a hundred games was made in order to improve the saving of the scores.

01-24-2014 - Icon for highscore games

A medal was added to the images of highscore games. So you will see them more easily among the other games in the categories. Good ranking!

01-21-2014 - Highscore system

A saving problem on the highscores was detected and corrected on some games (like Battle for Darkness). The incident occurred since the end of the last week. You can now play quietly to these games.

01-10-2014 - Girls games category

Discover the new category Girls Games! Play all the latest games for Girls, including Make Up Games and Dress Up Games!

01-01-2014 - Happy new year 2014

Qgames.org and his team wish you a happy New Year 2014! Thank you for your loyalty. We will bring you a lot of things this year for your pleasure!

11-03-2013 - Authentication

The authentication to your account on this website returned occasionally an error. The problem was solved.

10-03-2013 - Highscore system

The highscore system was updated today in order to work with future games. Enjoy!

09-23-2013 - Games and compatibility

Some games among the 10,000 on the website were not working. Over the years, they were no longer compatible with the new technologies. We corrected the problem or will remove soon these games.

06-03-2013 - My best score

For highscore games, we have added your personal record in the list of top players. So you can now know your position in the ranking and play in order to make an highest score.

05-21-2013 - Webgames

The pictures of webgames have been redone by the team, in order to highlight each games.

05-02-2013 - Autologin

The autologin has been modified. If you were connected with automatic system, you must login again in order to switch on the new system.

04-23-2013 - Favorite games

The access to favorite games has been broken on Internet Explorer after a release of the website. The link works now on all browsers.

04-22-2013 - The timeline

The timeline is a way for us to communicate with you about the website news. Please do not hesitate to give us your feedback.