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Escape from the House with Turtles

Enter the intriguing world of Turtles, a game where analysis and deduction are your only allies. Find yourself faced with an unprecedented challenge: escape from an enigmatic house, where every element seems to have its own importance. At the heart of this mystery, the garden turtles play a key role. More than mere extras, they are the guardians of ancestral secrets, and every interaction with them can reveal a hidden aspect of this enigma. Arm yourself with courage to explore the rooms of this house, where mundane objects and ornaments take on a new dimension, becoming riddles to be solved or guides to freedom. Subtlety and creativity will be your best tools for weaving together the clues scattered about. It is a journey into the heart of the unknown, where every step forward is a victory against the mysteries of the house and its silent turtles. The outcome of this adventure depends on your ability to decipher the clues to get the keys. Have fun and good luck!

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Escape from the House with Turtles

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