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Solitaire Crime Stories

Embark on a thrilling adventure, where you take on the crucial role of a shrewd strategist, a detective, deciphering riddles in the peaceful town of Springdale. Beneath its serene exterior, this town hides deep, dark secrets, revealed only to those who have mastered the art of Solitaire. Your insight as a player is the key to helping determined journalist Lana Whitt and her sidekick Bill on their quest for the truth. As each card is revealed, you will uncover a whole new side of the story, from mysterious murders to closely guarded family secrets. On your journey, you will meet enigmatic characters, from honest citizens to ruthless gangsters. Each Solitaire game is a step closer to solving a crime, supported by powerful boosters to triumph over the toughest challenges. Solitaire Crime Stories is not just a card game, it is an immersion in a detective story where every choice determines the course of your investigation. Enjoy the game!

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Solitaire Crime Stories

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