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Snake of Bullets - Collect and Shoot!

Control a unique snake made entirely of bullets in Snake of Bullets! Your journey begins modestly with a single piece of ammunition, but as you progress, your snake grows in length and strength. Your dexterity will be constantly tested: the course is littered with numerous hazards, from cunning obstacles to unpredictable traps. Every mistake reduces your ammunition reserve, requiring concentration and responsiveness. The further you go, the more imposing and powerful your snake becomes, capable of unleashing a veritable firestorm. A variety of weapons are available, transforming your snake into a rolling arsenal capable of demolishing even the toughest barriers. Your ultimate goal is to maneuver skillfully, grow steadily, and use your accumulated power to annihilate all obstacles. This quest will require you not only to be adept at collecting, but also strategic in your shooting. Get ready for an explosive journey where every bullet counts! Have fun!

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Snake of Bullets - Collect and Shoot!

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