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Idle Zoo Safari Rescue

Save the animals by building your own zoo. You will take care of them and earn money to develop and improve the facilities while recruiting new animals. There are many tasks waiting for you. You will be busy filling the territory with different animals over time and developing each enclosure. Get ready for a unique experience, have fun!

Categories: Strategy / Idle


Idle Zoo Safari Rescue

Comments on this game

jester2369 wrote the 03-17-2023 at 07:10

Game does not "save" so I lost all my progress.

jester2369 wrote the 03-09-2023 at 12:35

Pop up ads.
Forced ads.

2 thumbs will always be down for this bs.

And he rating system is fake, I know because my 1 star ratings never change the acual game rating.

jester2369 wrote the 03-08-2023 at 08:04

Game is ok, would be so much better without all the stupid intrusive forced ads. I am NOT on this site for stupid intrusive forced ads. I do NOT play games for stupid intrusive forced ads. I hate stupid intrusive forced ads.
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