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Idle Merge Plane

Take the reins of a small aviation company in search of fame and fortune. Here, the sky is not the limit, but a vast canvas of possibilities. Every plane that crosses the runway earns you money. Your strategy is to acquire aircraft, unearth them as unexpected gifts, and skillfully merge them to create even more powerful models. Each upgraded aircraft brings the promise of increased profits. With these gains, enter the captivating world of commercial upgrades, available in a special store, to accelerate your financial ascent. This game immerses you in the fascinating world of aviation, where aircraft merging becomes an art and every decision influences your path to wealth. Idle Merge Plane offers a playful journey with a diverse collection of aircraft, daily rewards, and a turbo mode to boost your progress. Your aircraft fleet and the flights you manage will determine your success. Are you ready to pilot your destiny and rise above the competition in this entrepreneurial aviation adventure? Have fun!

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Idle Merge Plane

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