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Cooking Live - Be a Chef & Cook

Embark on a gastronomic adventure with Cooking Live, where you, as Jane, a food blogger with a passion for cooking, set out to discover flavors from around the world. Your quest? Help small restaurateurs face competition from the big chains. In this dynamic game, you will combine your talents as a chef with your design skills to revolutionize local establishments. Transform simple bistros into gastronomic hotspots by creating tempting menus and redecorating each space. Each restaurant you visit will present a new challenge: managing crowds, satisfying discerning palates and breathing new life into neglected venues. Upgrading your equipment will be crucial to meeting the growing demand. Take up the challenge of rekindling the flame of independent restaurateurs and make Cooking Live a culinary success story, one plate at a time. Have fun!

Original game title: Cooking Live

Categories: Simulation / Restoration


Cooking Live - Be a Chef & Cook

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