Picross Fairytale Legend of the Mermaid

Free game: Picross Fairytale Legend of the Mermaid

"The ocean hides many secrets, riddles and myths. This time, you'll travel from the distant middle ages to an underwater world alongside the Mermaid and the Woodcutter, and solve the mystery of the disappearing siren voices! Picross Mermaid - Nonograms is an exciting saga for fans of various puzzles and fairy tales. A multitude of quests and varied underwater kingdoms with their secrets await you. Griddlers take on bright colors and a new life as you solve them. A new fairytale world awaits you with a multitude of colorful sea creatures and their stories! Top-notch, premium graphics and 200 diverse levels of varying difficulty. Take a stroll down memory lane with 10x10 through 30x30 nonograms with a delightful musical score. Explore worlds and you'll find out: what happened to the Mermaid? Who stole the sirens' voices and why? Why is the Woodcutter searching for a lyre?"

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Category: Puzzles   Language: en   Size: 215.0 MB   Full version game: 7.95 £